Sword Art Online is honestly one of my most favorite animes of all time. Aside from the sword fighting skills, VR reality adaptation.. there is also Asuna and Kirito’s love life which gives me the butterflies ^-^ Of course, some may not like the harem of the anime series. Nonetheless, some still watch it amid that.

Back to the point, as the blockbuster film “Sword Art Online” ordinal scale was released, speculations about the fantasy series’ Season 3 had become rampant. As soon as the film ended, the end credit scene hyped up fans as the sentence “SAO Will Return.” Well, it’s about time!

The end credit scene of the film also showed the head of Shigemura Research Lab showing Rath which is… (Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned) the new organization Kirito will work with. Rath was then mentioned to be testing a new FullDive machine called the Soul Translator. Kirito then dives into the world called Underworld. Time goes a back as Kirito returns to a child and spends years there without Asuna as noted in Wiki A.

With that said, a TV series of SAO is reportedly in the works. Skydance Television is said to acquire rights tot he anime series. Avatar‘s writer Laeta Kalogridis is mentioned to write the script. As the news was reported a long time ago, a Sword Art Online TV Series would still hype them in watching it again 😀 Sadly, no release date have been announced.

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