Amid “Death Note” ending, fans could indulge in “Renai Boukun” instead. As Light was considered to be the owner of the Death Note, the Kiss Note is said to be owned by a cupid slash angel named Guri. My honest opinion is that people who are tired of serious anime should check this one out aside from the cute cosplaying Guri, her other side is that she has a hobby of pairing male-male couples.

The catch is that “Renai Boukun”s plot centers on Guri as she is said to die if she wouldn’t write a couple’s name on the Kiss Note withing 24 hours. The Kiss Note works as the name of two person’s were written, they would kiss within 24 hours. The written name/names are also said by Guri to be bonded forever as a couple.

The anime started out as Guri wanting to see some male-male action, wants to write her favorite stars name so that they would kiss. Yet, accidentally she writes Aino Seiji’s name as she mistook the spelling. She then convinces Seiji to kiss her crush Hiyama Akane, school’s popular girl who in turn likes Seiji and psychotic and obsessive side.

The anime then turns around as Guri writes her name and forms a love triangle with Aino and Hiyama instead. More fun comes to their trio couple as the anime goes on.

Checking the anime out, My Anime List showed that “Renai Boukun” ranked #1869 in their poll. So be sure to check it out peeps! 😀

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