Hello listeners, once again I bring you sad news about a upcoming episode of Just Another Anime Podcast. It’s been decided that the episode needs to be delayed by 24 hours due to time constraints that appeared last minute. Unforeseen consequences y’know?

So the episode will go live on the night of Thursday the 11th instead, I’m sorry for this inconvenience and I hope the episode will be enjoyable.

I would also like to mention that Studio TRIGGER is currently holding a Kickstarter to fund a sequel to this year’s Little Witch Academia, a one-shot OVA that the hosts of JAAP enjoyed, especially so myself as I find it to be one of the best things I’ve seen all year. The goal has been met, it didn’t even take 5 hours, but there’s still 29 days to go to make LWA2 even better than it’s predecessor.

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