After the start of the first “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” every fan is already eager to know whether is the 7th Hokage really killed by Kawaki. Nonetheless, the future was shown that Kawaki battles with Boruto telling him that the age of shinobi is “over” showing a background of a destroyed Konoha Village.

First let’s get over with Kawaki’s appearance. Kawaki was shown in the preview of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” with black hair along with blonde shaven hair on the sides. Kawaki’s clothing was mentioned to be a white overall, violet scarf and belt along with a black vest. Tattoos were also seen on his body which spreads to his arms, chest and hand that glowed when he prepared to battle with Boruto.

This is to clarify that these theories below are just what I’ve had red in reviews and blogs 🙂

Orochimaru’s Experiment: Cursed marks were obviously seen in all of Orochimaru’s experiment. It was then theorized that the Sannin mixed a DNA of Sasuke and Naruto thus resulting to Kawaki. Yet, as Orochimaru believes Mitsuki is his perfect creation, some became confused about Orochimaru creating Kawaki.

Boruto and Sarada’s Son: Boruto and Kawaki were seen both to have the curse marks. While Boruto receives his after defeating Momoshiki in the manga, it was then speculated that Kawaki gained his cursed mark after killing Boruto.

Hence, it was guessed that Kawaki was from the future as time travel isn’t imminent in the new generation series. Kawaki was identified to travel from the future only to warn Boruto of the future ahead that the ninja era is over. Regarding his line that “I’ll be sending you to meet the 7th” was said to be Kawaki sending Naruto in the future as well to see the ninja era ahead.


Yuino Iwabe: Introduced as someone who hates the current generation becoming too peaceful and being too soft. Also, they wear the same clothes and the similar rod weapon and Iwabe was seen to cover his hair. Another support statement is that translation of Kawaki means dried rock while Iwabe just means rock which also points out Iwabe knowing Earth style.

Denki Kaminarimon: As much as I don’t believe this theory since Denki isn’t introduced in the manga, I would like to share it to you peeps as well 😀 Theories point out that Denki would have a storyline like Akatsuki’s Pain having issues and later on becoming evil due to something really messed up.

Unknown Ōtsutsuki Member: Hagoromo and Hamura was introduced, Asura and Indra came after them, then came Madara and Hashirama. Afterward, Sasuke and Naruto. Conclusions then lead to Boruto and Kawaki would be the successors once again. Kawaki was then speculated to be someone linked to the Ōtsutsuki clan which was not known.

Or maybe.. Kawaki will just be introduced as the series progress, eh? For the meantime let’s all just delve into the next episode as Metal Lee would be introduced 😀 Wish who is his mother would also be explained -.-

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below 😀

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