Boruto Episode 12 Review

At first glance this week’s episode of Boruto seems to be just another filler, but the ending gives some hope for the next week’s episode. This episode was mainly focused on mitsuki, which spends most of its time on some lousy character building, but at last reveals some answers about one of Boruto’s most asked questions: who is behind the ghost incidents?


Most of the Boruto episode 12 is spent in Mitsuki trying to understand Boruto. He stalks Boruto, he watches him help Denki with a mission, watches Boruto help Iwabe on his match, even insists on joining Boruto with his family dinner just for the sake of learning about Boruto and his family more. These series of events cover up most of the time in the episode while it does give us a hint about Mitsuki’s later actions. But to be honest it is very much typical to see Boruto help his classmates while Mitsuki nods approvingly from afar.

At the end of the episode, it is shown that Mitsuki’s interest in Boruto was all a part of his personal investigation into the incidents. Once he knows that he can trust Boruto with the results of his research, he tells Boruto that he knows the identity of the perpetrator. The episode ends right before he reveals the person, but we can guess from the final scene who it was, Sumire, the class rep. After a very long wait of 5 or so episodes for any plot reveal, its good to have a vague answer about a big question mark in our minds, and we hope that there is a good explanation in the episodes following this episode. This last scene reveal cannot completely cover up an otherwise slow episode but we are just thankful they didn’t hold it off for another week.


The details we will be thinking about the most from this episode is the strange interaction between Naruto and Mitsuki. Its clearly visible that Mitsuki has a great interest in Hokage and as well as respect for his skill as a ninja. Given that Mitsuki is the son of Orochimaru it is no surprise he has an interest in Naruto. Naruto himself seems to sense something strange about Mitsuki during their short encounter, though it isn’t clear is he knows about Mitsuki being the son of Orochimaru and all his background. Even if Mitsuki spends most of his time in the shadows, he has very quickly become one of the most interesting characters in Boruto, and we are very glad that the writers chose him to take on a more major role. Lets see if he is destined to be Boruto’s future friend or foe.

I feel like I’ve said this too many times over the course of these twelve episodes, but it finally feels like we are getting somewhere. It has been a long road but the identity of the ninja behind the ghost incidents has been all but revealed, and we appear to be all set up for an explosive encounter next week. The episode all this information is delivered via an episode that is a bit of a slog, but ends on a hopeful note that left me looking forward to the next episode for the first time in a long time.

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