Don’t worry! 😀 Daijoubu. If you’re going to read this article you’ve been warned of the drastic spoilers ahead.
Yet, Hajime Isayama-san had mentioned that he would include some scenes that weren’t included in the manga *screams inside. So you could expect more to be included in the anime aside from these spoilers.

Well, I just hope that the directors of the anime wouldn’t kill ********(>.,.<) WARNING! LONG POST AHEAD!

Just want to share with you peeps that I am a person who is really curious about an anime so I don’t mind spoilers that’s why I want to share with everyone the things that I had discovered upon reading the manga (I only started in the Clash of the Titans arc though)

So, let’s start from the basics and walk slowly together to the climax revelations 😀 BRACE YOURSELVES PEOPLE!
Annie was disclosed to be the Female Titan. Meanwhile, the Colossal Titan is Bertholdt Hoover while Reiner Braun is the Armored Titan. Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 3 revealed Ymir to be a titan shifter as well, which is known to be the Dancing Titan. Regarding her past will be discussed below.

With that said, it is to be generalized that Annie wants to kidnap Eren but it wasn’t revealed in the first season why she wants to do so. Well, it was said that the 3 titan shifters excluding Ymir are working together under the supervision of the Beast Titan, Zeke. Their mission was to retrieve the Coordinate and to end the history once and for all (Well, that’s what Zeke mentioned in the manga)

Speaking of shocking facts, let’s blow the steam for those people who haven’t yet red the manga.. Zeke is Eren’s brother. Grisha Yaeger’s first family was Dina Fritz and Zeke. You know the titan that ate Eren’s
mother Carla in the first season? Yeahh that’s the first woman of the beardy Grisha. To inform you as early as possible, Eren is the one possessing the Coordinate. In which.. he has the ability to control Titans 😀

Well the blasting spoilers are listed below, feel free to feel sorrow and hype up yourselves as what it did to me 😀 now I’ve been excited for every Aot chapter in the manga to be animated to episodes -.-

-Obvious in the trailer, Eren would battle with Reiner as the Armored Titan. Just so you know, Bertholdt has feelings for Annie-chan xD I’m not going to discuss further facts to ignite the spark in your hearts <(^-^)>

-Ymir would side with Reiner and Bertholdt because.. Ymir was a normal Titan back then and she ate their childhood friend Marcel. Marcel was the original titan shifter known as the Dancing Titan. Hence, normal titan eating titan shifters become titan shifters themselves.

*Another thought of mine is that many theories point to Levi’s OVA that had featured Marcel. Remember Levi’s god mode on a titan that ate his beloved friends? People point out to that titan as Marcel. Yet, it was shown that Levi stayed beside the titan he killed until it evaporated so I’m confused how did Ymir ate Marcel.

-The hunky Levi’s back story would also be introduced as he confronts his uncle Kenny Ackerman. Kenny kidnaps Historia and Eren in the Uprising arc and before he dies (another spoiler) he gives Levi a titan serum he stole from Historia’s father, Rod Reiss.

-Historia would be crowned as the queen as Erwin along with Dot Pixis overthrew the government. Rod Reiss (I hope so, but he need to be included!) masterminds the kidnap of Historia and Eren. He transforms into a Titan bigger than the Colossal Titan (Want to see that animated) Historia would deliver the finishing blow to him and unites the people.

-You remember the greedy businessman that Mikasa threatened in the first season? Yeah he has a role 😀

-Erwin would lost an arm due to a battle between the Titan shifter enemies. Yeah, the fancy commander of Survey Corps couldn’t salute with his right hand anymore  But that’s not all… He’ll die. There! I said it! (Explanation below)

-As the Return to Shiganshina arc commences, a boulder thrown by Zeke landed on Erwin. On the other side of the battlefield, Armin attempts to rescue Eren by entering Bertolt’s steamy mouth. (Yes, in his colossal titan form) Armin is then lying on the floor burned to death. A debate then started as Erwin’s nearly death body was brought to Levi. Levi then resolves to inject the serum to Armin saying Erwin already deserves to rest.

-Armin’s titan form then uncontrolled ate a frightened and chopped arms and legs Bertholdt. *drumroll please. Presenting the new colossal titan, Armin! Fyi, the kawai blonde boy has abs in the manga. Just letting you know.

If you want me to continue more spoilers and tell you more about the continuation (Trust me, you’ll want to know) Feel free to comment below 😀

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