Three months since I did one of these posts huh? Seems much shorter.

Once again it’s time to say goodbye to a season of Just Another Anime Podcast, as we enter our second year of podcasting about weekly anime it’s nice to look back on this third season and actually feel like we managed to improve upon the mishaps of season two, even if it’s not been perfect.

Season three got off to a weird start as Erin Miller decided to leave the podcast entirely  rather than just staying on the hiatus she had originally said she’d go on. Michael Carey was brought on as a new host after doing a great first impression on episode 36 during season two, something I had never expected since it was the first time either of us actually spoke to each other.

We had so many great shows this season, like The Devil is a Part-Timer, Majestic Prince, Nyarko-san W, Yuyushiki among others. And of course there was some complete garbage like Samurai Bride, Photo Kano or Mushibugyou (Seriously Marshall, what the hell?). But the saddest part were the good shows that turned bad as they got towards the end like Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Valvrave the Liberator or even a simple show like Henneko: The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat.

One thing is for sure however, season three have definitely been the most emotional season when it comes to me personally. Shows like My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU or Sound of the Sky would bring me to tears almost every single episode for various reasons, reasons that I’m sure I’ve detailed enough on the actual podcast, not the least during Just Another Musical where I performed ‘Untitled’, a song all about how I resonated with SNAFU on a personal level.

Speaking of Just Another Musical, that was a thing that almost fell apart at last minute. After having been planned for almost a entire year, we still found ourselves writing, recording and mixing one of the longer songs in the musical on the very same day we recorded the podcast itself. This song was ‘A Life… of Anime’, Marshall Henderson’s solo performance which was created after his original song was scrapped the night before. In fact, about ten different songs if not more were scrapped in the process of making Just Another Musical, and it’s kind of amazing how we managed to pull together eight songs for the performance.

Sure, one of the songs is fairly short, ‘Love Live!, SEASON:TWO!’ that is, but that song was written the same week that the podcast was released as well, as the show had just been announced two days prior.

All in all, Just Another Musical was a mess, but at least to me it was a very fun mess. A very fun mess that makes me happy that I get to work with the people I do this podcast with every week on silly projects. Be it celebrating Yui Yuigahama’s birthday, record Let’s Plays (They’re coming, just hold on.) or working on another Top Secret Project. What could that project be? You’ll know in good time.

But with all the fun, there were also sad times. While season three have had the best attendance ratio of all the hosts, we were sad to announce that Gregory Edwards went on hiatus two weeks back, just before episode 49. As you might expect, this means his part of Just Another Musical was cut as well, he was originally meant to have his own song and everything.

I still don’t know exactly when Gregory is coming back, but hopefully it’ll be soon. I know I personally don’t feel JAAP is the same without him, and I’m fairly certain the other hosts would agree. And I hope you listeners agree as well, if you do, then please let those voices be heard. In fact, overall, I would like to hear more from you regarding a bunch of things.

We’ve been taking suggestions through twitter over the last two weeks. I suggest you follow the twitter account if you want direct news on the state of JAAP episodes, when we’re taking questions etc. It’s run by all of us at JAAP as a group but we’ve done bad at advertising it lately. Speaking of suggestions. With suggestions, comes changes and additions to what is old, so let’s talk a bit about what will change and what will stay the same in JAAP season four for now, the season that will be focusing on the summer season of anime 2013.

Here’s what will not change. We will still watch way too many shows, we will still do a weekly retro watch and Marshall is not free from his radio dramas (Marshall The Free! is the name of the second season of Marshall The Animation!). So season four is definitely less of a change than season three was.

So here’s what will change. We will split up the weekly watch in two categories, leaving short-shows to themselves as there are more than just Aiura this season and they’re not that much to talk about on their own. We will also split the Season Preview into two episodes, partially to wind down from Just Another Musical, but also to make it so we can take care of season three’s leftovers while still previewing the earlier starting shows.

And of course there’s a new opening song and the site is now green with a lovely Nico & Maki (Love Live!) pairing as the site mascots. Aren’t they adorable? I sure think so at least.

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